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Scale to Tail, Day to Night

At the heart of Niland's culinary journey lies a profound ethos centered around whole fish cooking. Inspired by traditional meat butchery, his mission is to transform how we appreciate every part of the fish: minimising waste and maximising flavor, showcasing the beauty of often-overlooked components and implementing preservation techniques that extend longevity and intensify flavour.

At EDITION's first hotel in Southeast Asia, Niland brings his boundary-pushing approach to patrons in Singapore, presenting a dining experience that is as delicious as it is conscientious. Niland's creations feature the finest ingredients from world-class fishers, producers, growers and artisanal suppliers. FYSH reflects his focus on creating a circular economy for the hotel, mitigating food waste while heightening the guest experience through unexpected creations that respect the full potential of individually sourced sustainable produce.